Note: The option to transfer members to another package option is only available between package options created as Membership Type of "Annual"
  • You can create membership type as "Annual" on Step 1: Package Option Details when adding options.
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  • You can verify an existing package option is "Annual"  when a "Start Date" is displayed on Package Option Details
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Below are instructions to transfer members to another package option after logging Activeworks Membership Manager:
  1. Click People tab
  2. Search member with email address, membership number, order number, or names
  3. Click member name
  4. Locate the membership to transfer
  5. Click Transfer Membership under Actions 
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  1. Click Select option
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  1. Select an package option to transfer into > Click Select
  • Note: Only "annual" options of the same program will be displayed
  1. (Optional) Enter amount for Collect additional fee > Click Save & Continue
  • Note: Leave as blank to absorb price difference
  1. Confirm Transfer summary > click Save & Continue
  2. Click Confirm
Note: After completed the above, actual membership transfer is separated into two steps:
  1. Membership Manager system generates a refund order and an automatic refund on original membership will be issued to member
  2. Member will be charged automatically with credit card saved in the system. If payment is failed, member will receive a failed payment notification email, where member will be informed to login to membership portal to pay for the failed membership; see more in this article Members - Make a Payment