A CSV file consists of a spreadsheet where the data is separated by commas. This is a type of format for saved data. You can use Excel to sort a CSV file.

Note: More than one sorting criteria can be applied
  1. Open CSV file in Excel
  2. Press CTRL + A
  3. In the menu, select Data > Sort
  4. Check the box next to My Data Has Headers
  5. Under Column, choose column you want to sort your list
  6. Choose what order you want to use reorganize your list
    • Note: If you want to refine your sorting order, click Add Level and a new sorting line will appear
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  1. Click OK
  2. Review your reordered list
  3. In the menu, select File and choose Save As
  4. Choose where you want to save your CSV file
  5. Select CSV format
  6. Save
Note: If you cannot sort the CSV file properly with the above method, please contact our support team via Contact US