When signing into your organization’s home page, you may notice your events have gone “missing”. This is due to the Status Bar. Below is a description of this tool:

What is the Status Bar?
The Status Bar is a drop down menu that enables you to organize and sort your events, allowing only desired events to be viewed on your homepage.

How Does the Status Bar Work?
The Status Bar works as a filter drop-down menu. To set the event view, click the down arrow for the menu and select the desired view.

Where is the Status Bar?
The Status Bar is located between the Your Events header and your event list.
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Below are all the event status offered in ACTIVEWorks Endurance:
  • Current Events include two event status ( Registration open and Registration schedule to open) and those events dates in the future
  • Registration Closed means that it has passed the last date of online registration
  • Event Completed means that it has passed all dates in this event setup. Dates included are event, registration category, and online registration start/end dates
  • Registration off refers to events that are configured to Activate registration later at Step 12: Activation