To view waitlist registrations, click Season name > Waitlist tab to access the waitlist automation report.

The waitlist registrations are ranked based on the logic below:
  • Registrants are displayed in groups based on the specific Tuition they are waitlisted for (displayed as Waitlist - Session Name – Tuition Name), and are listed in the order they are ranked on the waitlist for this specific Tuition. This ranking is based on the time each participant joined the waitlist.
  • Another column, Waitlist Ranking, is also provided for viewing each registrant’s waitlist ranking for the overall Session.
    • Although participants always register for specific Tuitions when joining a waitlist, both ranking views are included to provide clarity for agencies using any combination of capacity settings (session-level, tuition-level, or both).

Manual ranking adjustment:

  • When a registrant is moved to the top of the waitlist using the image  icon, they will be moved to top of the waitlist for both the Tuition and the Session. 
    • The registrant will be seen at the top of their Tuition group, and their Session rank will be changed to 1. When there is next an opening for their Session and/or Tuition (or when a pending invitation is declined/expires), this registrant will be the first to receive an invitation to accept the spot.
    • If another registrant in the same Session/Tuition is later moved to the top of the waitlist using the image  icon, the previously prioritized registrant will be moved down one spot in the list rank to 2 if they have not yet received an invitation.
Note: Agency users can click Edit to filter sessions by Session name, Session Date, Location and search keywords to find the targeted waitlisted registrations. On the session search window, Name, Date and Location headers can be clicked to re-arrange the column. 
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Note: To view when the invitations are sent out and when they are accepted/declined/expired, click Export report button to download the report and check Invited on and Accepted/declined/expired date columns.
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