ACTIVE Network distributes payments to ACTIVE Works Endurance customers in three forms - paper check, electronic deposit and wire. Paper checks are remitted three (3) business days after each payment period closes, while electronic deposits post to an established bank account three (3) business days after each payment period closes. Depending on the financial institution, the deposit may take an additional one to two days to display. 

Note: Multiple payment accounts may be created, but existing accounts cannot be deleted
 Wire remittance must be approved by ACTIVE before registration can be opened on any events
Note: We recommend having bank name, routing number, account number, and bank address ready when creating/updating electronic deposit accounts (these are required)
Note: Only checking accounts are supported if direct deposit (ACH) is selected
Note: Only 2 remittance accounts with the same bank info can be created for creating new organization
Note: If the same bank info has been used on 2 remittance accounts already, your event team cannot create or update the remittance accounts with the bank info

Below are instructions to add a Check payment account for an organization:
  1. Click Settings
  2. Select Payment accounts
  3. Click Add an account
  4. Select Check next to Issue payment as
  • Note: The Check option is unavailable if "Direct deposit (ACH)" account was initially created as the primary payment account for your organization. 
  1. Enter Account description
    • Note: Label every payment account with a different name
  2. Enter Make checks payable to
  3. Enter address information as required under Send payments to
  4. Click Save 
  5. A verification code will be send to your email address for security consideration
  6. Check your email's inbox and enter the verification code click Verify & proceed
Note: Make sure no space had been inputted before or after the verification code, it will cause verification failure.
Note: The verification code expires in 5 minutes.

If Direct Deposit (ACH) Payment Account is needed, please refer to Set Up Direct Deposit (ACH) Payment Account.