Registration language format can be switched by participants by clicking the language drop-down menu on the top right of their screen:

User-added image

Alternatively, you can force the registration form to load in a certain locale by adding it to the end of Registration Link.
  • Example: To force your registration form to display Australian English:
1. Obtain direct registration url by clicking link under Your registration link! , which should look like this:
2. To force locale, you should now add an addendum "&locale=en_AU" in the end
3. Final product should look like this:
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Below is a list for all regions:
  • Dansk (Danmark): &locale=da_DK
  • Deutsch (Österreich): &locale=de_AT
  • Deutsch (Schweiz): &locale=de_CH
  • Deutsch (Deutschland): &locale=de_DE
  • English (Australia): &locale=en_AU
  • English (Canada): &locale=en_CA
  • English (Great Britain): &locale=en_GB
  • English (Ireland): &locale=en_IE
  • English (New Zealand): &locale=en_NZ
  • English (United States): &locale=en_US
  • English (South Africa): &locale=en_ZA
  • Español (España): &locale=es_ES
  • Español (México): &locale=es_MX
  • Pilipino (Pilipinas): &locale=ph_PH
  • Français (Canada): &locale=fr_CA
  • Français (Suisse): &locale=fr_CH
  • Français (France): &locale=fr_FR
  • Italiano (Svizzera): &locale=it_IT
  • Norwegian (Norway): &locale=no_NO
  • Japanese(日本): &locale=ja_JP
  • Korean(한국어): &locale=ko_KR
  • Bahasa Melayu (Malay): &locale=ms_MY
  • Português (Brasil): &locale=pt_BR
  • Svensk (Sverige): &locale=sv_SE
  • Simplified Chinese(中国 China): &locale=zh_CN
  • Traditional Chinese(香港 Hong Kong SAR): &locale=zh_HK
  • Simplified Chinese(新加坡 Singapore): &locale=zh_SG
  • Traditional Chinese(臺灣 Taiwan): &locale=zh_TW
  • Thai (ไทย): &locale=th_TH
  • Català (Espanya): &locale=ca_ES
  • Poski(Polska): &locale=pl_PL
  • Cymraeg (Cymru): &locale=cy_GB