ACTIVE requires all participants who are under 18 to be registered by their parent or legal guardian. The form has to be completed by them and not the participant who is under 18. On the form, the keyer (parent/legal guardian) will be asked to provide their information. The have to enter their details under YOUR INFORMATION, this is the system's way to verify or confirm that the one making the registration for the participant who is under 18 is of legal age. 

Note: If the keyer does not have an active passport registered, they need to go to and select sign up to create an account. Once completed, they can load the event registration form on a different window and process the registration. 
Below are the following steps on how to register someone below 18. 

1. Select a category then click CONTINUE
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2. On the YOUR INFORMATION Field, kindly enter your information (keyer - the one making the registration) if the system has not captured your details yet then click NEXT
  • Note: The system will tag it as COMPLETE once you have entered your details and supplied answers on the required fields
3. Select "Minor (under 18)" under selected category section
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4. Put a check on the box beside the Relationship Field and supply participant's registration details
  •   Note: By default, a participant who is below 18 should be registered by a guardian who is 18 years old or over
5. Complete the registration; select a t-shirt size, additional merchandise and sign the waiver
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6. Click NEXT to proceed to the checkout page to process the payment and complete the registration