When Making a Payment on an Account, a credit card must have been stored by the customer.

A credit card can only be saved on the Review cart & check out page during registration. A box that says Store this card for future use is available under the payment information fields (see below). If customer did not check this box, no credit card will be stored and you must contact them for the credit card information. 

User-added image

To check if credit card was stored by customer:
  1.     Click People tab
  2.     Search for registrant and click name
  3.     Click Make Payment
  • Note: If person has more than one order, select correct order from drop down menu
  1.     For Payment method, select Credit/Debit card
  2.     Click drop-down list below next to Credit/debit card to see if credit card is saved
  • Note: Credit card type along with the last four digits will display if saved
  1.     If no card is present, contact customer for credit card information