Below are instructions for how to create team waves after logging into an event in your organization
  1. Select the Setup tab, click Registration categories
  2. Click Add a category - select answers from dropdown box of the required categories:
  1. Sport Type 
  2. Distance
  3. Display Name
  1. Click Save to return to the Registration categories screen
  • Note: the newly added category appears at the bottom.
  1. Click Add a price - within the Add a price window that appears, select the following (all items are required, unless marked as optional):
  1. Price type
  2. Display Name
  • Note: Label the Display name based on your first wave.
  • EXAMPLE: 8:00 a.m. Wave
  1. Price
  2. (Optional) Enter GL code
  3. Check the box next to Allow self-registration teams, check the box next to Allow participant to upload file after registration, and adjust Price schedule to include price increases
  4. Click Save
  1. Repeat step 4 for each wave you are entering:
  1. Change Display name depending on which wave you are entering
  • EXAMPLE: 8:15 Wave, 8:30 Wave, 8:45 Wave
  1. Click Save
  1. To cap how many people can register for each wave:
  1. Click Edit next to Price restrictions
  2. Enter the maximum number of participants in Capacity
  3. Click Save