An Account/Passport is required to utilize self-edit tools. As such, only users logged into when completing a registration may access registrations and make edits. Additionally, the following circumstances will not allow a participant with a valid registration to use self-edit functionality. Below are the requirements for users to utilize the self-edit tools:
  1. account
If any registrations follow the circumstances below, they will not be allowed to utilize the self-edit tool:
  1. Parent or legal guardian registers a minor (under 18 years of age)
  2. Participant is registered offline (by an organizer)
  3. Participating registrant registers another adult
  • Note: Participant waiver remains unsigned in the latter two cases
If these situations occur, the administrator/organizer must complete edits on behalf of the participant.
  • Note:¬†If these situations occur, please see the Complete Edits article to edit the registrations.
If self-edit tools are enabled, direct participants to view the Edit My Registration article.